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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is an important part of your on-going cyber security audit. Penetration tests of your staging site(s) allow you to better assess risks to your system's sensitive data. Defend your cyber infrastructure and minimize exploits in your systems with penetration testing.

Spam Detection

Over time, a website may become defaced or compromised by foreign files and data that successfully invade the server. In some cases, SQL injection may have occurred or a vulnerability in a popular CMS module or plug-in becomes exploited, allowing nefarious actors to commandeer administrative access. Using automated bots, these nefarious actors place spam links on websites for a wide range of purposes.

Secure Communications

Sensitive data that is transmitted over the internet can be intercepted by third parties. Encryption can help to secure communications and privacy. However, once data is received, threats may present from the sender such as phishing and malware. To protect recipients, cyber security tools can be implemented to messages to reduce the risk that recipients will click on a nefarious link.