Cyber Security Services

Script Spoofing Detector:

A solution for detecting fake URLs that use international characters.

The following URLs are actually NOT the same:

www.gmail.com vs. www.gmаil.com

One of the URLs above is using international characters that looks visually similar to normal characters.
If implemented, it can present phishing risks or a malicious link that can result in a virus when visited.

Note: To prevent fraud and visually confusable characters from different scripts, IDN domain name registrations (starting in November 8, 2005) can only be composed of characters within a limited subset of a given language (ex. only Arabic, only Japanese, only Russian, etc.). However, IDN domains originally registered in 2005 and prior do not have this limitation and can be composed with multilingual characters (mixed-script spoofing); for instance, the spoofed domain above (gmаil.com) is able to mix English and Russian characters because it was registered in 2005 or earlier.

Did you receive a suspicious email?

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