Cyber Security Services

Cyber Technology ID

International Characters

Alphabet Lower Case Upper Case
Cyrillic (Russian) а, с, е, о, р, х, у А, В, С, Е, Н, І, Ј, К, М, О, Р, Ѕ, Т, Х
Cyrillic (Other) і, ј, ѕ, ԁ, һ, Ӏ, ѵ Ԍ, Ү, Ғ
Greek ο, ν Α, Β, Ε, Η, Ι, Κ, Μ, Ν, Ο, Ρ, Τ, Χ, Υ, Ζ
Armenian օ, ո, ս Տ, Լ
Hebrew ס ,ח ,וֹ

What is Script Spoofing?

Script Spoofing (also called "IDN homogonous attack") is the act of using a domain name that has visually similar character(s) to imitate another domain name. IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Name.